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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Designed by women for women, this 100% Italian brand certainly has some eye catching designs. With bright, bold colours and feminine cuts, Chicken Line Clothing is turning heads.


Shape and Fit

The Tequila jersey has a great look to it, it’s no wonder this is one of Chicken Lines best sellers. The ¾ length sleeves are great for providing that extra protection from brambles and the occasional close shave with a tree. The sleeves themselves are made out of a stretch mesh fabric which allows for the freedom of movement that is so important. Nobody wants to be restricted by the kit they are riding in.

The fabrics in this top are comfortable against your skin and very easy to wash. With the lightweight, breathable materials used, moisture is quickly wicked away. The Tequila jersey stood up very well to the scorching temperatures in Sierra Nevada as well as the more humid conditions of UK weather. With its feminine fitted cut and back drop hem, this jersey looks and feels great whether your flying down a track or hauling your bike back up for another raz.

Whilst riding in Sierra Nevada and the UK there has been lots of encounters with sharp and thorny plant life. Sometimes it’s impossible to ride your favourite off piste tracks without becoming entangled in a bramble or snagged in a thorn bush. However the Tequila jersey puts up a great defence with minimal damage to the material. This gives me confidence that it will pass the test of time despite a crash here and there as well as prickly plant life.

Technical Details

  • Material 100% Polyester

  • Rapid wicking and lightweight fabric

  • Crew-neck

  • Hidden rear zipped pocket

  • Raglan 3/4 sleeves

  • Stretch mesh sleeve panels

  • Back drop hem

  • Sublimated graphics

  • Various styles available

Priced at € 41.30


Shape and Fit

The Cargo Plus shorts are Chicken Lines longer version of the original Cargo Short. Made from super stretch Cordura fabric and with a seamless seat, the cargo plus is a very comfortable short to wear and feels soft against your skin.

The adjustable waistband makes for easy alterations to the waist size so that you can get a comfortable fit chamois or not. The Cargo Plus has 2 side pockets on the leg. These are in the perfect position to not interfere with movement.

The shorts pockets are just big enough to fit a regular size iPhone, plus a couple of cards and some loose change. There is not much room for anything else but is there really need for larger pockets? They accommodate the essentials and if more room is needed there is always the option of a backpack.

Technical Details

  • Material: 90% Polyester - 10% Elastane

  • Super stretch Cordura fabric

  • Regular fit

  • Seamless seat

  • Adjustable waistband

  • 2 side cargo pockets

  • WR finishing

  • Front closure button and zip

  • Various colours available

Priced at €80.10


Accessories can create the perfect finishing touch to complete your outfit. Chicken Line has a wide range of accessories designed to compliment their clothing line. This makes it easy peasy to match everything up.


The Lady Ride glove is designed for riders looking for breathability and a slim fit. Its single layer palm gives excellent grip feel with an added bonus of no annoying seams. The touch screen compatible fingers work perfectly on touch screen devices without the need for removing the glove. It was refreshing to find a glove that fits to the end of my fingers, not an inch past them.

  • ‭Material: 100%Polyester

  • Touch screen compatible fingers

  • Nose wipe on the thumb

  • Perforated palm

  • Velcro cuff

Priced at € 14


A well thought out cycling specific design, these socks are super comfortable and breathable. With anti-odour properties they dont get fousty towards the end of the day meaning that some post-ride shoeless chilling shouldn't offend those around you. Best of all the turned ankle cuff prevents nuisance sock slippage.

  • Material: 75% polyammide Meryl Skinlife ® - 20% Polyammide - 5% Elastane

  • Meryl® Skinlife with antibacterial finish prevents odourt

  • Soft, breathable yarn

  • Support zone at arch

  • Flat seam toe for comfort

  • Turned ankle cuff for comfort and to prevent slippage

Priced at €10


The only tiny flaw to the Tequila Jersey is that unlike a loose cut jersey, it occasionally rides up and needs a little readjusting throughout the day. This is something most fitted tops do when a lot of movement is involved so it’s no big deal. If this is something that will bother you then a larger size may suit you better.

The Cargo Plus shorts do need to be longer for your average UK enduro riding style. Although there was no gap between the POC pads and the hem of the short, it was something I was very conscious of. A longer leg in this short would definitely be preferred. Also despite following the washing instructions carefully, it proved difficult to remove some heavy stains after wet weather riding despite a couple of washes. For wet weather riding it may be better to opt for a darker colour.

I can’t fault the socks, they were spot on. The gloves on the other hand were a little narrow in the fingers for me however they are designed to be a slim fit. A size up in the glove may have suited me better. It would also be nice to see a more robust finish to the fastening which would give me more confidence towards product longevity.


The Tequila ¾ sleeve jersey is a great top that would look good whether you are riding enduro, DH or XC. It looks as good off the bike as on the bike with it’s fitted feminine cut and eye catching design. Comfortable, lightweight and breathable, you can’t fault this top. It’s great value for money too.

The Cargo Plus shorts are super comfortable and lightweight. With several different colours to choose from, it’s easy to tie them into the rest of your kit. The only thing that really lets them down which also happens to be top of the list when it comes to choosing a short for riding, is the much needed length. This can be easily overlooked with knee pads that offer ample above knee coverage.

I'd recommend Chicken Lines socks, they have become my go-to sock for riding. Stylish and breathable, what more could you want? As for the gloves, when compared to other gloves on the market they aren't at the high end of quality and performance. However if you are struggling to find gloves to fit your long or slim fingers then its likely that they have something to suit you.

All in all it's great to see more womens specific MTB clothing available. Chicken Line have brought some great products to the table and now we have even more choice. If you haven't done already, check out the link below to see more of what Chicken Line has to offer.

For more information, check out www.chickenline.it

WORDS - Alex Hunter

PHOTOS - Ieuan Williams

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