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Updated: Feb 23, 2019


The Spank 350 Vibrocore wheelset has been on our radar ever since seeing them bolted to the Commencal Meta of Cecile Ravanel. Spank have been going from strength to strength recently, with the Vibrocore technology being on the forefront of this. We have taken the 350 Vibrocore wheelset and seen what it is all about. Does it work? And will they last? All will be reviled.

Technical info

  • High performance Wheel set with internal vibration damping, ideal for DH and Freeride.

  • Unique profile with low sectional profile height and wide width, which adds radial compliance, while keeping high lateral stiffness.

  • Improved radial compliance for better traction over bumps and chatter, while reducing negative feedback to the rider. Performance and comfort enhanced.

  • Vibrocore™ inner well, reduces the transmission of harmful vibration frequencies, meaning less vibration for the suspension and rider, also increasing the fatigue life of the rim.

  • 30mm internal width extremely versatile, fitting tires from 2.0” to 2.6” perfectly, and even allowing + size tire use, without negative squaring off of tire profiles.

  • 32 hole spoke configuration.

  • Wheel options 27.5", 29" and 29" DH.


It is a breath of fresh air seeing some new developments in aluminium wheel technology. There are so many carbon options on the market these days, it is always good to see a bullet proof alloy option. Spank have most definitely delivered this with the 350 Vibrocore wheel set.

The wheel came ready taped for easy tubeless setup, the VEE Tyre that was fitted needed no persuasion to go up either, with a simple track pump being more than adequate to get these seated.

The finish is always a large factor in deciding to buy any bike part. It is always nice having shiny parts, but if these don’t hold up to the abuse that is sent there way, then things get tatty quickly. Spank have really pulled through with the quality here. Having battered this wheel set for a good six months on different bikes, the wheel still looked as good as new by the date of return.

At first the idea of some foam inserted into the rim, to give superior vibration protection and increased comfort, did make me curious of how well this would work. Having taken these wheels out on numerous runs with back to back comparisons against a similar alloy and carbon wheel set, it was clear something good was going on. The Spank wheel set has less feedback and reduced harshness on rough terrain.

These wheels may not have the same snappy and abrupt feel that a carbon hoop may have, but where the Spank wheel makes headway is in the smooth supple feel that it brings to the table. They may not suit everyone, as some like a stiffer more direct feel with a wheel. The Spank 350 will bring comfort and an almost damping feel, where others do not.

When choosing a wheel set, durability is the main concern for most consumers. Your hoops are on the front line for abuse where any track is concerned, it is good to know they will last. The guys at Spank have most definitely got this part nailed. With some hefty rim noises being heard riding low tyre pressures on the infamous Rim Dinger at Bike Park Wales, the results were impressive. Having made no impact to the structure of the rim, no matter how hard they were clattered. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there is someone out there that could break these. Nothing is indestructible, but man they took some serious abuse and just batted it away. This also goes for the hub construction. There was no sign of bearing play of wear after many hours use. The seals used seem to be up to the job on the free-hub too. Having no sign of water or muck in the driver, after removing it to check after cleaning and wet rides.

All in all these Spank 350 Vibrocore wheels really have hit the mark with me. It is a product that will stamp an air of quality to any bike that you place them on, whilst giving fatigue reducing performance against other market competitors. We think that this hard hitting dh or enduro wheel set makes a great upgrade for people that have previously smashed wheels left right and centre. They most definitely are built to last.


PRICE: £599

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