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Dmr have been on the forefront of mountain bike cockpits for longer than I have been riding. Having started producing components in 1995, the classic Wing bar was something that had been around pretty early on.

This new setup shows what the brand have been up to recently. DMR have some great names to associate the brand with, by the likes of Olly Wilkins and Brendan Fairclough. This setup includes the lot, a full refresh for any tired point of contact. The lineup includes the MK4 Wingbar, Defy stem, Death grips and the Vault pedals.

MK4 Wingbar

This new and improved version of the well known Wingbar certainly packs some punch. With both 31.8mm and 35mm diameter chassis options available, this keeps up with the current trend giving options either way. 800mm width, 20mm/35mm rise options, these are numbers that will keep most of the mountain bike community happy. Top all this off with 5 degree upsweep and 8 degree backsweep, a good cocktail of numbers to make what should be a nice comfy bar. The 7075 alloy construction is said to be DMR’s strongest, stiffest and lightest to date. The new fresh graphic also looks the part.

Defy Stem

This new 35mm long stem built for the 35mm bar, the Defy really fits the bill. The clean graphics and solid black finish go hand in hand with the Wingbar MK4. A nice feature is the obvious points on the bar clamps where they will need zero gap. It is good to know some thought has gone into the art of correct fitting. A few numbers that are thrown out for the Defy stem are a low stack height of 27mm, 5mm rise and a weight of 176 grams. The branded top cap is also a welcome addition.


The Deathgrip barely needs any introduction. If you haven't seen the movie then you need to… its on Netflix, just saying! Brendan took the time making sure these grips were how he wanted. A tapered core gives a clean look with no need for outer lockrings. The raised mushroom inside is for comfort, then a waffle and knurled outer to give the grip and feel needed. Available in thick or thin and hard and soft. What more could you need?

Vault Flat Pedal

The DMR Vault pedal has to be one of the main benchmark products out there. From the two size options, great pin length and slick look. The Vault is a fully rebuildable unit so as long as the main body is intact then all is well. There are so many options it is hard to actually pick a colour. They really are a piece of jewellery for the bike, that you will then smash into any rock possible. The pins are flippable to give the ability to customise the amount of grip on offer. The Vault really has a lot to shout about. Weighing in at 430 grams a pair and sporting a platform that measures 105mm squared, they have the numbers to go with the name.


All in all this relatively cheap cockpit feels great. The numbers that DMR have come up with for the bar are comfy yet aggressive enough to feel like you are in charge. Too much back sweep is always something we steer clear of, I don't want to feel like it is a chopper. The Wingbar is bang on here and when mated together with the Defy stem, the package is complete. Not only in the looks but in the feel also. When looking at the longevity of this bar, it really is hard as nails. Even after a year of abuse the bar still holds that showroom finish. The Deathgrip is a grip that is a familiar sight, plenty of options. The thick soft grip is where I stand.

The Vault pedals are something that most people that ride a bike would have heard of. With a good platform and pins to die for, it is hard to find fault with them. When it comes to maintenance, make sure you do some regularly. The only thing that I hear or find with this pedal is the bushings getting warn. It is not a hard job popping some grease in every few weeks, so there should be no issue, its general bike maintenance. The pins that DMR use are what I would like from any pedal. Bottom loading, so when you smash one it can still be removed as the head is not damaged. All in all DMR are producing some quality goods for not a great deal of cash. It is something that we like to see here at Descend.

Prices -Wingbar: £55 - Defy stem: £55 - Deathgrip: £17 - Vault pedals: from £100


Words and Photos - Ieuan Williams

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