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If I was going to be totally honest with you, I have always had soft spot for a pair of goggles. These Dragon Alliance specimens seem to really look the part.

With the two pairs sent in it was like Christmas. The NFX2 and NFXS may look similar but are so different in some important ways. The Madison distributed brand boasts a wide range of goggles to suit any age rider or price range.

Details and Design Feel NFX2

The more expensive of the two goggles in question is the NFX2. This high quality goggle boasts some great tech. Found in other high end competitors, a formed lens that makes for no distortion in view, as apposed to the cheaper flat plastic lens found in some goggles. Dragon have now made an integrated removable outrigger the NFX2. This helps to achieve a tighter seal with the face than any other goggle. The outrigger, being in the location it is, also makes for a more effective tear off application. The NFX2 also features Dragon’s patented frame-less technology, injected dual all-weather anti fog treated lens, armoured venting, premium quad-foam technology, silicone beaded strap backing, removable nose guard and extra wide peripheral view. But how does this weigh up compared to others in the market?

The standard has been set in the goggle market by Smith with the Squad goggle, so this is the competition. Getting the ball rolling with the Dragon goggle, is the total perfection, that is the only way to describe the ease in changing a lens on the NFX2. I seriously think it could be done as quickly with feet, hands or just a stern look. This really makes a difference when there are no rude words said towards the goggle when swapping the clear to a mirror lens. Just a simple click and pop, the new one is in. Not a finger print in sight. The nose guard is a great idea for the MX market but also works for an MTB rider too, with that little extra protection where you need it. This also keeps that chill off your nose quite well.

All these positives are slightly outweighed by the fact that the goggle seems a little on the small side. Where Dragon boasts the best vision on the market, they just seemed slightly cramped when it came to the view. The amount of foam around the nasal area put a slight amount of pressure in a sensitive area. I wouldn't go as far as to say that it restricts breathing but it is certainly an unwelcome distraction. These goggles may suit some riders but even Alex, and her smaller face to mine, struggled to get on with the shape, she had to admit defeat even with how good these goggles tech and look may be.

PRICE - £140

Details and Design Feel NFXs

The NFXs may be the older and less expensive option when it comes to these two pairs of goggles but it is most definitely not something to overlook. With similar tech to the last goggle the NFXs has the same formed lens and frame-less technology (albeit without the Swift lock system), silicone beaded strap backing and removable nose guard. The similarities end there, however with the 'infinity pool look' to the lens, it makes for a great presence. The lens is only singel lexan design, as apposed to the double glaze on the NFX2.

Enough detail, its all about the performance. The NFXs seems to first of all be a better fit. With the frame feeling more spacious and not so claustrophobic. The same great lens detailing, just with a more manual approach to fitting it. On this goggle you have to press the lens in (what effort). The design is great with more than enough space to hold the lens in a way that keeps the prints off it.

If I had to choose one of these pairs of goggles then the NFXs would be where I would end up. With fewer tech advances it may seem the lesser of the two, but this goggle most defiantly suited my shape of face and style of riding better. It also makes the bank balance happier to which is a great bonus.

PRICE - £115


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