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Most riders are running a tubeless setup these days. No matter what sealant you choose to use, some holes are just too large to seal up by themselves. This is where most people carry a tube to insert so that your ride doesn't get ruined. This is a pain, having to remove the wheel and getting that messy sealant over everything including your hands and the rim. There are a few different options on the market to help plug the holes, without the nonsense of inserting a tube.

Product Details

Dynaplug Carbon Ultralite is a lightweight tubeless repair kit.

The sealant-friendly repair plug is a unique viscoelastic impregnated rubber that bonds instantly and permanently with your tyre.

The non-abrasive brass tip will not scratch your rim or puncture your rim tape.

If a single plug is not enough to seal a hole, just fold the tail flat on the tyre, hold it with your finger and stick another one in there!

When not in use the Ultralite is pack-friendly, 127 mm long and weighs just 34 grams, less than an energy gel.

It conveniently stores several pre-loaded insertion tubes in the hollow grip handle.


When the Dynaplug kit arrived, I was a little sceptical. I mean how can this little tool make life easy and save a ride when you get a puncture? This was all put to bed pretty quickly. After taking a hit to the tyre and getting a sizeable hole in the wall, that would have usually been a tube in moment. It was a perfect opportunity to test the plugs. Within two minutes the puncture was fixed, re-inflated and the effort was minimal. It is still sealed to this day, and I have no intention to change the tyre as it seems solid enough.

Using the Dynaplug couldn't be easier. A two year old kid should be able fix the puncture for you with this kit. Simply remove one of the inserts from the rubber covered hollow area on the back of the tool. Place this into the stainless insertion tube then press the insert into the affected area of the tyre. This will then seal the hole with ease. A plug tail will be left after insertion, this can be cut off to about 4mm long if it bothers you.

When the slice is large enough, the normal thing to do is look to replace the tyre. We have a tyre that has four plugs in the same hole and it is still going. We do not feel the need to have to change it right away.

This tool costs around £20 depending where you buy it from. It is a no brainer when it could be the difference between a good ride or a ruined one. We recommend that you give this product a try. It may just save your day.

Price - £20


Photos and Words - Ieuan Williams

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