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There are some simple bits of gear that are very handy for a few hours spin on the bike. Water bottles are a good one, but some do not like the look of the cage that goes with them. If the look of the bike is key, with or without the bottle fitted, this FidLock Twist 600 could be for you. A simple yet effective magnet system that you can also find on some high end helmet clips. At first glance I was sceptical about the bottle actually staying on. But it certainly looked the part.


FidLock have really honed in on the finer details with this setup. The bottle that we had was the 600ml version of the Twist. There is also a more compact option that holds 450mm and would fit on bikes with less room. The Twist Connector gives the ability to retrofit other bottles of your choice onto the clever magnetic connector. What a great idea!

The Twist technology fitting system is on show on all of the models. This simple system makes for ease of removal and refitting the bottle. The magnetic mount is also helped by a mechanical locking mechanism for extra piece of mind. The Twist bottles are all dishwasher safe, keeping things easy to clean after a messy ride.


My first impressions when unpacking the bottle was that this thing is going to fall off. But after the simple fit into the old ugly bottle cage holes, it was obvious that there was some stability and hold on show. A long story short, this bottle has been fitted to every bike for the past year and it has not fallen off once, that's good in anyone's books. Noise is also something that there is no excuse for on a modern bike. FidLock did not let the side down here either. Even when full and on a rough track it made little to no noise.

The plastic bottle is made from BPA-free polypropylene. This has lasted surprisingly well after being thrown about and abused for the entire time it has been with us.

The only downside to the bottle is that it is a little rigid when squeezing some juice out. This is only down to the plastic Twist mount that is fitted to the bottle. It’s most definitely not a deal breaker, as after stupidly leaving this bottle in Madeira the other week we will be buying another. What an ace product.

PRICE: £32


Words and Photos - Ieuan Williams

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