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Updated: Apr 14, 2020


Five ten are a very established brand that’s been around for years. A brand that has brought out some excellent styles of MTB shoe, such as the Freerider and the Impact shoe. So can the Freerider EPS low winter proof shoe live up to the well loved classics that many of us have come to admire?

Now I don’t know a single rider who doesn’t love a ride on dry trails with the sun in the sky. Not every day are we so lucky to get these conditions. Tackling a good sloppy track with shiny wet roots and rutty corners certainly improves your riding and shouldn’t be avoided. But who enjoys getting cold and wet?

Technical Details

To combat these typical UK winter conditions, the EPS has a fully gusseted tongue which prevents water and mud getting in. It also features PrimaLoft insulation in select areas to offer superb warmth in cold conditions. The Stealth S1 sole delivers excellent grip so that your feet are well and truely mated to the pedals.


  • PrimaLoft insulation from the instep forward, including the tongue.

  • Single piece leather on forefoot to reduce seams and water intake, keeping feet warm and dry.

  • Fully gusseted tongue prevents water and mud intake.

  • Additional foam insulation in the sock liner and vamp plus and insulated, heat-reflective footboard.

  • Stealth® S1™ rubber outsole.

  • Comes in 3 colour choices: Core Black, Midnight and Ivy.


It’s easy to compare this shoe to its brother the Freerider. In comparison it’s made of a thicker material which is slightly heavier, but certainly not as heavy as a soaked through summer shoe. Where the Freerider is a more breathable, when it gets wet it also lets in a bit of breeze, meaning your toes get cold. However the Winter EPS does not, so your feet stay toasty.

Everyone knows that if your shoes get cold and wet, the rest of your body quickly starts to feel as miserable as your feet do, until you get home and thaw yourself out in the shower. The EPS shoe is great in light rain and is certainly showerproof/splash proof. In extreme wet conditions, it eventually lets some water in, but the PrimaLoft insulation meant the feet stayed warm. This will help to keep your moral high whilst out on a long wet ride. With its low cut, you cannot expect this shoe to be fully waterproof. I walked up a trail with a small stream coming down it, they stayed perfectly dry. However stand in a decent sized puddle and you’ll get wet feet. Let's be realistic, they aren’t waders!

Out of the box, you can tell these shoes are built to last. With the high quality of finish and the sturdy materials used, they look up to the job. As with most shoes, they can take a little breaking in when they are new. I did notice when I first had them, that they had an unusual feel when pushing up steeper sections to session parts of the track. I can only describe this as a sensation similar to eating halloumi cheese. A tad squeaky, kind of goes through you. This quickly resolved after a couple of rides and I have not noticed it since. However they certainly weren’t uncomfortable. I found them very comfy from day one, and after a short while the shoe settled, and became more supple.

Another minor note to consider is the colour choice. Although there is not a great deal of vibrancy to the colour schemes, it’d be easy to style them up and give them a more personal touch with some colourful laces. The EPS Freerider is a very attractive looking shoe. They look brand new after a wipe over making them a desirable shoe choice for hitting the town in style.

PRICE: £105


Words - Alex Hunter

Photos - Alex Hunter, Ieuan Williams

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