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Updated: Aug 11, 2019

The all American dream is back on home soil. Aaron Gwin has returned after his vacation over in Europe, with force.

Aaron Gwin is coming into the revamped Intense team this season as the Owner, this really will make for some serious drive to perform. Could this be his World Champs winning year? With the chance of winning not only a personal overall title, but team overall as well. I have to be honest it will be pretty sweet to see that Intense being back on the top step after all these years. Just like the days of the M1.

Team Setup

A new team, new owner and new components. Some major changes from last year, the Intense really is looking sharp. Fox suspension all round, TRP stoppers, E-13 wheelset, it really is all there.

With the full team consisting of Aaron Gwin, Neko Mulally and Jack Moir, these are some names that will help Intense take the main stage. Jack will be familiar with the main frame but not the build kit. Gwin and Neko the opposite having used all of the parts and bolting them onto a new chassis. It will be interesting to see which setup proved easier to adapt to.

Hungry for Victory

The whole team is looking on fire in the launch video, it seems like they are all hungry for victory. With every member of the team being capable of making podium finishes, I think the M29 will be the bike to watch. They do have to take on France and the UK, with strong opposition from both sides. Whatever happens it will be an interesting year of racing.

Our prediction here is that Gwin will be almost unstoppable this year. After some disappointing times last year he will be hungry for victory. That elusive World Champs win being something that has just missed his grasp, there could be some celebrating for the man this year we think. After all this is finished he could even run for president when he is done racing.


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