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Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Longevity is key, this Hope crank embodies that word in every component. Hope have been making CNC components since the beginning of time with brakes being the original main focus.

These Cranks are a fantastic piece of engineering. Strong, light and durable are good words to use when describing the Hope crank. I think Bomb proof is better.


This is the interesting part when it comes to the Hope crank. With all the tools you need supplied with the setup there really is no excuse not to get this bang on. It may look slightly complicated. Compared to others on the market it really is, but do not get put off by this. Step by step guides are all over the place and easy to find. Hope also have an A1 customer service if the need arises while fitting, or at any point after for that fact. Some advice from us here at Descend, make sure the crank arms are fully fitted into the axle. If not things can fail. Also torque the bolts and retaining lugs up correctly. If all of this is done correct, the crank will not let you down. We found it wanted to stay on the bike so much that it was a snug fit when dismantling.


The crank that you seen in the pictures is now almost three years old. Having being fitted to four different bikes from trail all the way to DH, including the Canyon Sender tested recently. There is absolutely no denying the finish and quality that Hope have here. They are pretty much still like new. This is defiantly down to Hope making the wear points that normally make a crank look worn and old part of the design and finish.

Hope offer some fantastic colour options, with the ability to make the whole bike match, from brakes, hubs, headsets to the crank set like these. This setup will most definitely be finding its way onto more of our bikes in the future. Having an item like this, that you can trust, goes a very long way. After snapping two carbon cranks in the past 12 months, it really shows how hard this setup has been ridden.


If you are into the look of CNC components and ride as often as we do, these have to be on the list for any bike build you have going on. Why wouldn’t you want the cranks looking new after a year in the saddle. They can be a pain to fit and remove but let's be honest, most of us take the bike to a shop for this anyway. Hope have produced a 'Fit and Forget' product that’s for sure. We at Descend cannot recommend this product enough.

PRICE - £206.80


WORDS - Ieuan Williams

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