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Updated: Jan 18, 2020


There is always a wonderful feeling when packing your bike up ready for a trip away. But with all of the excitement of going abroad, it is super easy to forget some of the important things. We have made a little guide on the essentials to remember when taking your bike on holiday with you.

We are just about to embark on a trip over to Sierra Nevada with Switchbacks. This remote location up in the foothills of southern Spain is a great place to ride. But with the remote location comes a different level of preparation. There are no bike shops in town like Malaga, or bike hire shops, like in Madeira. So it's to be prepared.

Things to Consider

Here is a simple checklist of things to think about before taking any trip to a remote riding location.

Bike Setup

  • Tyre choice - Make sure that you equip yourself with something that is up to the job at hand. A heavy duty tyre, similar to this Veetire tested eariler this year, is a good option.

  • Wheel setup - We can’t recommend having a good tubeless setup enough. This could be the difference between a good day out and a ruined one.

  • Brake rotors - Make sure that you have the correct sized rotor. We would highly recommend a 200mm size option for those long alpine descents.

  • Brake pads - Check that you have brake pads that are in good condition on the bike before setting off, also bring some spares.

  • Bike condition - Make sure to have the bike in tip top running order before packing it up, check the cables and also check that all of the bushings and bearings are in good condition.

Packing Essentials

  • Bring a backpack (or bum bag if you are that way inclined). You will need to carry spares and plenty of water on rides. This peice of kit will come in very handy.

  • Tools for the job. Make sure you have a good supply of the important tools that you will need. Especially if you have special tools for components or the bike itself, bring them with you.

  • Dyna plugs (or something similar). This could save the day for you, and for others out on the trail, with far less faff involved than putting a tube in.

  • Bring sunscreen. This is given really, but easily forgotten.

  • Water bottles or water bladders are essential when riding in hot weather. For all day adventures, take as much water with you as you can.

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