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There are plenty of company’s offering cleaning products on the market right now. But few with the green attitude that Kingud strive to acheive.

After spending some time with one of the companies owners Matt whilst stuck in an airport in Madeira, there was more than enough time to get the full lowdown on the products as well as the Kingud ethos and what they are setting out to accomplish. We will go into greater detail about that in a follow up to this, but for now lets take a look at the cleaning line that Kingud have in more depth.

What’s on Test

Kingud offer a wide range of products based around bike and kit cleaning, as well as general bike maintenance. With winter upon us and muddy conditions becoming the norm, it's important to give our bikes some much needed love before putting them to bed. Currently we are having some use out of the Kingud Cleaner and Protect products. We have also been using the pH Neutral Shampoo. Let’s start at stage one of any bike wash job....the cleaner.

Kingud Bike Cleaner

First things first and that is the need to mention that Kingud are massively conscious of the environment. From the simple things such as a solid aluminum reusable bottle that is designed to last for years, down to the more in-depth details like the plant oils used in their stickers and business cards. They really stand out as one of the market leaders in this area.

If you take a look around at the stockists for Kingud then you will notice that they all have a large vat of the cleaner so that you can just pop by and refill your empty bottles. This eliminates the need to sell product in any single use plastics or even the need to see people waste money buying the spray bottles over and over again.


For the testing we did not bother with a rinse, but slapped some of the spray on cleaner straight onto the dirt. To really put it through its paces we even used the same method on a bike that was ridden the day before with nicely dried on dirt. After leaving it to soak in for a few moments we gave the whole bike a good jetting down. As with most washing products you would expect it to look amazing straight after a clean, while the bike is still wet. Impressively though the Kingud product not only thoroughly cleaned off the mess but did not dry streaky or leave mucky areas where the cleaner had not done the job properly. The less faff when washing a bike the better and this really is a faff free product.

After some consistant use the whole bike had been stripped down, fork included, to check to see if any of the components have had any consequences from prelonged use of the cleaners. With previous experience, some of these really effective cleaners are also notoriously harsh on your bike. However we found no sign anywhere of damage and the greases that you would want to stay in place hadn't been stripped away after multiple washes. It is clear that the Kingud Cleaner is a safe product to use on your pride and joy.

There were two spray bottles to choose from, both with the same trigger. This has the option of a stream or spray pattern as you would expect from a sprayer but the overall quality that is used seems to be bang on the money. After using other branded prayers in the past that don’t stand up to the task at hand, it is always nice when companies take the time to make good quality dispensers. It’s one thing making a bottle for life, but you have to keep the trigger working alongside it.

Having the small bottle of concentrate also helps out when the top up mission is on. Saving the need to keep large quantities of the cleaner makes for less packaging and less space taken up for storage. These well thought out ideas are something we can get onboard with.

pH Neutral Shampoo

Kinguds Ph Netural Shampoo is designed to be the after cleaner wash down that any bike deserves. The shampoo has no nasty additives that would upset braking surfaces or any other item that may be sensitive on a bike. This is an all over scrub that is designed to prevent scratching and give a nice finish to go with it.

This is a product that really made me happy. With just a recommended cap full of the shampoo added to the bucket of water, there was more than enough suds and soap to clean not only the bikes, but the car too. Bike cleaning is something that weirdly is a job that we look forward to after every ride. As the bikes all live indoors they need to be clean and tidy. The nice smell of this shampoo is just a bonus. This is another great product that helps to make life that much easier when undertaking this job. When such a small tub of product lasts as long as this has too, you know you are getting good value out of it. The Kingud brush set was a nice little treat too with well thought out designs to reach all those tricky areas.

Bike Protect

The Bike Protect is a wipe on product that can be used after a wash to not only give that sexy box fresh look everyone is after but also to help with the clean up job next time around. Alex has had great fun popping it all over her bike to hide the scratches. This product really is a pleasure to work with, just a simple wipe over and it is done. It is not as hard to apply as your standard polish where you would need to go over the bike twice, leaving bits of it in the nooks and crannies to go hard and crusty. Some may say that the silicone spray is easier, but get it on them discs and let me know how that works out. The Kingud Bike Protect really is ace. With more than one benefit from using it and the only negative being that the dispenser can be a little hit and miss with the trajectory at times.


All in all we love the overall ethos that Kingud have and are religiously sticking to. The company may be relatively small and have plenty of room for growth but it is nice to see that despite their popularity, they are not rushing things forward to quickly and are sticking to what they believe in. This also means that the product is at no point jeopardised by cost or the volume needed. We would happily recommend any of the Kingud products to any or our readers along with a few that haven’t been talked about in the review, such as the Dry lube....not that it’s dry out at the moment, but its great for when you're riding in sunny Sierra Nevada.



Cleaner 2ltr £12.99

Cleaner concentrate shot £6.99

Bottle for life from £10

PH Neutral Shampoo £14.99

Words - Ieuan Williams

Photos - Ieuan Williams/ Alex Hunter

Action shot - Tom Cooper

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