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Updated: Apr 14, 2020


At present our UK summer seems to have come and gone within a few days, hopefully that'll soon change. Until then it's back to the full waterproofs and big old mudguards.

Having used our fair share of mudguards over the past year, the POWA DFender from Mojo Rising is one that keeps on doing its job no matter what. This simple system may look a little OTT, but when you take into account the fact that it actually works, then I think that pays little consequence to the way it looks.


The DFender has a relatively trouble free fit. Having just one hand-tightened bolt holding the clamp in place, this saves the need for any throw away items such as cable ties (saving the world feels good).

Mojo Rising have brackets to fit most big name forks. When it comes to a special fit, the guys in the workshop will do what they can to customise a rubber and find a bracket to fit. Once fitted there is no hassle to remove it, it only takes seconds to do.


The POWA DFender has been in our arsenal for some time now. We still have the original guard in use, which after two years shows its longevity. The high strength, highly flexible plastic that the Mudguard is produced from compliments the design and reliability. There are more things to think about when choosing a mudguard than the lifespan, and the DFender has far more to offer. It is clear from the very moment that the guard is fitted, that thought has gone into the shaping. Having a wide front section that swings out over the front of the bike all the way to the large cowling at the rear. This really does keep 99% of muck out of your face.

When the DFender is bolted into place there is not much that will dislodge it. The sturdy aluminium clamp holds the guard in place, while the fitted rubber and little hard rubber chocks give the optimum fit. This great fit eliminates any chatter. If you have more than one bike, no worries. The DFender can be removed and different clamps and rubbers swapped depending on the fork application. These mounts can be bought separately.

When taking the guard out for a spin in the slop, there was no need for any goggles or glasses (although no-one really wears a full face without goggles). It was a breath of fresh air being able to smash through puddles and mud not caring about the backlash of a lump of crap in the eye.


The only downside that we found was the ability to lose the little nut that fixes the main bolt in place. This is just an m5 nut, but it’s a pain when it falls out after you line everything up.

A simple fix is to glue the nut in. Or what we have done is to use a Rivnut and crimp that into the hole. This allows the thread to be built in to the mudguard and there is then no chance of losing it. Winner!


There may be plenty of mudguards on the market, but not many offer the same waste free fit as the POWA DFender. We really like the look here at Descend, but even if you do not then function over form prevails. The DFender really does work without a hitch and with zero chance of movement when fitted. This is a great product and will remain on all of our bikes for the foreseeable future.

Price - DFender £49, extra mounting kit £20


Words - Ieuan Williams

Photos - Ieuan Williams - Scott Windsor

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