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Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Ohlins, or as some call it original gold. The Swedish brand that have been producing high end damping for motor cross and cars for years have not messed about when entering the mountain bike world.

Having been a large part of the design with the Cane Creek Double Barrel shock, there is no questioning that Ohlins have already got an extensive background in the damping of a mountainbike. The partnership between Specilized and Ohlins has also given the brand concrete establishment in the industry from the very first unit that was produced. The TTX 22 M is a damper that looks the business too.

Product Details

  • Specifically designed for the Enduro/Gravity segment

  • Shock length/stroke: 7.5x2.0” (190x51), 7.87x2.0” (200x51), 7.87x2.25” (200x57), 8.5x2.5” (216x63), 8.75x2.75” (222x70), 9.5x3” (240x76), 10.5x3.5”(267x89)

  • TTX Damping Technology by Öhlins

  • Nitrogen pressurized bladder reservoir system

  • Easy to set up with enough adjustment range to suit different riding conditions

  • External, 3 level high-speed compression adjustment (2 level plus Climb mode on shocks 8.5 and under)

  • External, 16 click low-speed compression adjustment

  • External 7 click low speed rebound damping adjustment

  • DU Bush or Spherical bearing mounting options

  • Specific optimised spring range for each shock stroke to reduce weight with 23lbs 4N/mm increments saving 25-30% weight


The Ohlins Damper is a relatively simple piece of kit to set up. After getting the spring rate for your weight and riding style, there is only minimal compression clicks that offer large changes to get the feeling that you are looking for, without having to faff with 50 clicks of fine tuning. Some may like this fine fettling setup on other units, but what is the need for it if you can get the feel with the 16 clicks of low speed compression and 3 positions on the highspeed.

The TTX coil also has the three strange compression switch. This is a great feature as it can be used as either a firm switch for a climb or as the big send button. Ideal for when you just want the shock that little bit firmer for the big compressions.

Ohlins also have an Interesting spring weight setup, having numbers like 388lb and 434lb springs, there is no rounding up to the nearest large number.


The Ohlins that we had sent over was fitted to the Canyon Sender that we had on test. This replaced the Fox Float X2 Damper that came on the bike. After the first few rides and not being able to get the rebound on the Ohlins fast enough it was clear that a little tune up was in order. Before this could happen there was a small incident with a big old step down and a 'slight' case… this ended up not only putting the me in hospital but blowing the shock to bits. The fact of the matter is the Ohlins Damper went above and beyond the call of duty and aided the lack of injury incurred to the body. The face took the brunt mind and I have a few missing teeth to prove it, but that's a story for another day.

After recovery and the replacement Damper that then had a faster compression bleed, this meant that the rebound had a better range for the style of riding. The improvement in fitting this shock to the bike was impressive. Not only did it improve the small bump sensitivity that the bike offered but helped to aid grip and the overall feel that the bike had when tracking the ground. This then in turn increased the cornering speed with the larger amount of traction. The Ohlins TTX 22 M did weigh more then the Float X2 that was removed but this being a downhill bike the weight is not that much of an issue, especially when it is placed low in the bike.

We have had a good amount of time riding this unit and were able to compare it to the EXT Storia that we recently tested too. The EXT in our eyes just pips the Ohlins in overall points with its lighter weight construction and better firm switch. But this is a very close battle. The Ohlins is a welcome edition to any bike. If you have an ordinary Damper fitted, this will be a great upgrade to consider.

Servicing the shock in the UK is no bother either with the likes of Sprung Suspension in the Forest of Dean having everything you need including the new units to buy.


The Ohlins TTX 22M Coil Damper is a more than welcome addition to any bike. Not just in looks but in performance too. There are many exotic options on the market now with the likes of EXT and Push having high end dampers to spec up your build. The overall performance is very close but this Ohlins is one of the best on the market for sure. I would not hesitate to have the TTX fitted to any of our bikes and to not have to worry about anything to do with longevity or performance. This really is a great product.

Words and Photos - Ieuan Williams

Price - £595



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