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PNW are a company that we can really get behind here at Descend. The ethos of the company is to bring great quality components without the bank breaking price tag.

The company was started up by Aaron Kerson and his wife Emily Stevenson after getting frustrated that products pass through many hands before getting to the consumer. This then bumps up the price after each party needing to make a small cut to keep things afloat. There are a few different companies out there that deal in lower priced parts but few with the performance to match. This is why we have had the PNW Bachelor Seatpost fitted to a bike for the past 24 months to really put it through its paces.

Product Details

The Bachelor post that we had was an older model but it has been on test over a long time and we felt the need to shout about it.

The current details for the post are as follows:

  • Material: 7075 Heat Treated Alloy

  • Infinite Adjust allows you to set your saddle height anywhere in the travel

  • Travel: 125mm, 150mm, 170mm or 200mm

  • Air cartridge - Adjustable pressure for 30.9/31.6 and pre-set for 34.9 version

  • Choose any lever kit

  • Diameter: 30.9, 31.6 and 34.9mm

  • 2-bolt micro adjust head w/ zero offset

  • Internal cable routing only

  • 3-year warranty


'Fit and forget' A term often used by brands, but from past experience very rarely do components live up to this statement. Despite the PNW Bachelor Seatpost that we tested being a good few years old, it had more than stood up to the test of time. After 24 months of solid use, the post still actuates as smooth as it did the day it was fitted. Having the stealth entry is a must for 99% of the bike industry, so the Bachelor seatpost ticks that box too. As simple as it sounds to make a seat post go up and down, doing so for a prolonged period seems to be a struggle for most. PNW have really taken the low cost components with high performance into a new light.

The fitting of the seatpost was as simple as, just pop a cable outer into the frame and then hook the post up, no adjustment needed. There is the option of increasing the air pressure under the seat if the post is not fast enough for your taste.

The 170mm travel post that we had only had one real down side. That was the stack height of the post then fully slammed. In most cases this would not be an issue, and it was not an issue on the Transition it was fitted to. But some bikes with the higher seat tower this means that you cannot get the seat low enough when it is slammed down. Other companies like Bike Yoke or Oneup offer far lower setups.


Low cost with a punchy performance. The PNW Components Bachelor post has to be on the list for anyone building a custom bike. The clean look, easy fitment and low cost make for a great combination. This post will be remaining on the bike to see how long it lasts. We also like that there is plenty of post and lever customisation options and lengths up to 200mm. PNW are a company that have ticked a good few boxes with this seatpost as the first of their products to be tested from the for us here at Descend.

PRICE - £233 (for new model with choice of lever)

WORDS AND PHOTOS - Ieuan Williams


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