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Updated: Oct 11, 2019

POC are a well known Swedish based company founded in 2005. Originally appearing on the ski scene, POC went on to progress into the world of mountain bike protection (lucky for us).

POC are now on a global mission to reduce the consequences of injury from gravity based sports. We’ve been given the chance to try their premium Knee protection, the Joint VPD System Knee pad. Let’s see how it holds up when we put it to the test.

Technical Details

POC work with some of the leading sports medicine experts, brain scientists and specialists in spinal cord injuries. Their team consists of a large variety of professionals that work together to create armour designed specifically for your discipline. Here is a list of the technical details that the VPD knee pad features.

  • Extremely flexible and light VPD protection

  • EN 1621-1 certified shock absorption

  • Ventilation system constructed within each layer to optimize moisture management and comfort

  • Low friction, polyamide construction with high abrasion resistance

  • Easy to pull on Strapless design


The VPD knee pad is made up of three layers of POCs patented visco-elastic polymer dough (VPD). This unique material is flexible and moulds to your body yet hardens on impact giving you the ultimate protection. This allows for a lightweight, flexible and extremely comfortable knee pad. Not only does this pad provide protection to the front of the knee but it gives all round protection from impacts to the top and sides too.

The VPD pad is made from some of the best quality materials on the scene. From the comfortable low friction fabric that sits against your skin to the strong polyamide construction with its high abrasion resistance. This gives superb comfort levels, yet high wear resistance if you find yourself falling off a lot.

The ventilation system built into each layer keeps the rider from getting too hot. Now there are a few of us out there that suffer from sweat rash when wearing knee pads. The POC VPD Pad is one of the most breathable knee pads on the market. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, these pads won’t cause you any issues. This knee armour was used during our trip to Madeira and Sierra Nevada. Whilst wearing these pads all day long in very hot weather, it was easy to forget that you still had them on.

It has to be said that these knee pads look as cool as they feel. A sleek design with a bold logo and no straps or fastenings. These pads easily pull on and off and are held securely in place by sticky rubber grips around the thigh. When riding, the pad stays in its correct position and doesn’t twist. POC has a sizing guide available on their website to make sure you get the fit bang on.


The principal points that riders look for in a knee pad are protection, comfort, fit and breathability. POC have clearly ticked all the boxes when designing the VPD Knee armour.

The VPD is a sophisticated knee pad at the top end of the market for trail and enduro. At £140 the price reflects this, but is it worth spending your hard earned cash on these? Absolutely! Lightweight, breathable and stylish whilst giving the ultimate level of protection and comfort. After several months of abuse, a few crashes here and there and umpteen wash cycles, these pads still look as good as the day we had them. We have both given them a thrashing and it’s easy to say that we cannot rate the POC VPD pads highly enough.

www.pocsports.com www.2pure.co.uk

Price - £140

WORDS - Alex Hunter

PHOTOS - Ieuan Williams

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