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Updated: Oct 11, 2019

There really is something special about having the red lowers back in the RockShox range. With the new BoXXer boasting the same colour scheme toO. This all new Lyrik fork packs some serious features to match up with the look.

This past year the damper has been in the limelight of some serious success. With the likes of all three of the EWS winners Sam Hill, Elliot Heap and Cecile Ravanel, this has to account for something.

Technical Details

New friction-reducing DebonAir air spring delivers the most responsive forks in RockShox history, maintaining traction in more conditions than ever before.

  • New Charger 2 RC2 damper with independent high and low speed compression adjustment, allowing more adjustability than ever before.

  • High and low speed compression damping adjustment.

  • Travel: 150mm, 160mm, 170mm, 180mm

  • Axle: 15x110mm

  • Wheel Size: 27.5”, 29”

  • 2.8” tire width clearance.

  • Rake/Offset: 27.5” – 37mm, 46mm, 29” – 51mm, 42mm

  • Torque Caps compatibility.


After only a few moments setup, a quick check of the tokens and things were ready to go. The cassette tool needed for the cap removal is a great feature, with no chance of rounding or damaging the cap. Comparing the details, the Lyrik is easier to setup and understand over the Fox 36 fit4 or Grip 2 damper. With one dial for rebound and high and low speed compression adjustment, its not a difficult system to dial in. Depending on the style of rider you are makes a massive difference to the amount of compression needed on the new Lyrik. When setting up for a normal day blasting out runs, I found that the compression was fully open on the high speed. Adding two clicks makes a fair change to the feel of ride but helped out when hitting harsh terrain flat out, keeping great composure and shape.

The addition of the new DebonAir air spring is the most noticeable change from the previous model. Having such a sensitive small bump feeling really helps when holding the lines you strive to keep. You have to take into account that the fork is on the front line when tackling any terrain. A poor or harsh feeling damper will make for high amounts of fatigue on the hands and overall body. With the sensitive bottom stroke to the new Lyrik and a firm top end, due to the tokens and a touch of compression, these really are a fantastic product.


A fork that seems to have improved on an already great previous platform. The red lowers coming back make for such a great look, matching up to how the fork itself feels. With little fettling needed to make the fork feel nice, they make for simple setup. Plenty of options when it comes to wheel size, offset and travel. These are most definitely the top dogs on the market today when it comes to damper performance.

To find a dealer follow the link below.


PRICE - £699 (taken from a number of large retailers)

WORDS - Ieuan Williams

PHOTOS - Ieuan Williams

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