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Shimano have been around in the world of pedals for years, having big hitters in the flat and clipped side of things. With a prime example coming from the DX flat pedal, I owned a set that lasted for years. They were a solid standard for pedals at the time, with longevity coming hand in hand with good looks and a solid platform. These new XT M8040 pedals look ready to sit where the old DX model left off.

Technical details

Use - All mountain, Enduro, Trail

Pins- 10 adjustable pins per side

2 pin length options (long & short) for customisable feel

Optimised platform size (2 options available)

Platform- S/M: 100mm x 105mm; M/L: 110mm x 115mm

Recommended Shoe Size: S/M: EU 36-43; M/L: EU 43-48

Superior grip for aggressive trail riding

Weight: S/M: 472g; M/L: 514g


The Shimano XT M8040 flat pedal is certainly a robust setup. One of the features is the internal bearing cartridge. This neat, sealed unit helps keep the maintenance simple and the pedal spinning smoothly. The thick set aluminium body also shouts durability.

The two size idea is something that I am a fan of here. With a large foot myself, it is a pain to not be able to get a good sized platform to stand on. And the same goes for Alex on the other hand, with her smaller feet feeling lost on the larger pedal. This was a welcome feature.

After a few good rides it was clear that the chassis on offer was most definitely up to the task at hand, having taken a beating down some rocky trails and not really batting an eyelid.

The grip that the XT pedal showcased was good. They may not have had as much hold as my Bontrager benchmark, but with the long pin in, it was more than enough.

Some small issues are about the way in which the pins are fitted. The top load pins do get damaged and we found that after a few rock clouts, it was going to be near impossible to remove the old pin with the tools supplied. A good set of pliers did the job nicely. New pins fired in easily enough where the old came out.

As clean and tidy as the XT pedal looks, it does seem a little bland. It is not a pedal I would buy if I was into bling. This said the XT pedal is not supposed to be a game changer but a great priced, solid choice for people that don’t need a blinged out platform.


PRICE: £59

Photos and Words - Ieuan Williams

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