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Updated: Jan 18, 2020

SixSixOne have been around well before I was pedalling bikes. The first helmet that most riders would have had when starting out would have been a SixSixOne Comp full face. They have always been the 'go to' brand for an affordable yet high quality lid that also looks the part.

Moving forward there was a big choice. Either breach into the market where Fox and TroyLee have things covered or do the best helmet possible in the bracket they are best known for. This has resulted in the birth of the SixSixOne Reset full face. Offering some great technology and a slick new look, the new Reset helmet is making good impressions.

Product Details

  • MIPS equipped

  • Lightweight ABS shell

  • Large angular vents increase cold air intake and heat exhaust flow through

  • Large sculpted eye port for great vision and goggle fitment

  • Complies to standards: CE: 107

  • Sizes XXS-XXL

  • Colours Deep Forest Green/ Geo Blorange


Tackling the job of buying any safety gear is a task that should not be rushed into. If money is no object, then there are some high price options out there that will keep you safe without worry. When trying to stay in a budget on the other hand, things get a little more interesting. You are looking for as much tech that you would see in a £400 lid for a fraction of the cost. The SixSixOne Reset ticks a load of the boxes that you'd want it to! This MIPS equipped, lightweight helmet packs a high end punch.

The Forest Green paint job has a far better quality finish than was expected. Having a satin look that is soft to the touch, the small things like this make a big difference.

Taking a closer look at the inside, the foam padding is super easy to remove and comes out all in one piece. It saves the stress of losing any part of it and also makes for a simple and correct refit every time. It is also clear to see the MIPS tech when the internal foam is out.

Some other nice details start with the aluminium fixings for the peak. No plastic threads that will get damaged or become slack with time. This is a high quality touch. The Reset also has a vast array of vents, stretching from ten on the chin guard to the six across the rear of the shell. This keeps a good airflow around the helmet when riding, because a cool head is a comfy one.

While the subject of comfort is under the microscope, SixSixOne have worked hard to make the fit and feel of the helmet as comfortable as possible. The Reset helmet fits like a glove. The soft material matched up with plenty of padding in the appropriate places makes this a a helmet that you don't rush to take off.

Looks make up a massive part of how any buyer will choose a piece of equipment. The SixSixOne Reset has some great features and attributes to aid this. The stealth bomber like shape, slimline style and aggressive vents make the helmet look sharp and fast even when stationary. However the slightly narrow peak and plastic mouth guard mesh doesn't quite hit the mark for us at Descend. We would also like to see a few more colour options for this model.


All in all this low cost, high quality full face is an option that has to be considered not just by the entry level rider, but for the more advanced out there too. The MIPS technology and high end finishing touches make this a product that is certainly good value for money. There is no compromise to the safety aspect where this helmet is concerned. Coming in at around £115, the Reset helmet is not only a bargain, but a bargain that could save your life.

www.sixsixone.com www.hotlines-uk.com

Price - £115

Words and Photos - Ieuan Williams and Alex Hunter

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