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Having fitted the wiring and the insulation, the next step in the mission of this van build was the fitting of the windows. After a bit of a look around and basing this on the previous T5 we had, the look of the complete window coverage around the whole van was our goal.

Having carried out some serious research on the options available there was a clear winner. Vanpimps were the company that we ended up sourcing the glass from. These large windows came complete with the fitting kits for all of the windows that we needed, so there was very little messing about finding what mastic or trim was needed.

The first job was to work out what we were going to be cutting out of the van. With the saw prepped and some Smith goggles on (safety first) the holes were out in no time. The hard task was to follow, how to make the finish of the transition between the window and the cutout as nice as possible. After scratching our heads for a few moments, the double carpet fold over was on the go. This was the finish we were after.

The good thing about the type of window that we opted for, is that it not only gives a super slick look, but also let’s in plenty of light. The fitting was simple too. First prime the edges that are going to be glued. Then put a good slug like bead of mastic around the area that is primed. Then just fire the window on top being careful not to mix up which window goes where. It really was nice and easy, and there is plenty of time to faff with the glass when they are in place to make sure it is perfect.

It's worth mentioning though that these larger windows have a tendency to move before the glue goes off completely. Wonky windows are not a good look so make sure you have plenty of spacers to hand to support them and to be able to make little adjustments if needed.

Now this is all finished the interior can all be tackled next with cladding throughout and then the solar panels after that.

WORDS: Ieuan Williams

PHOTOS: Ieuan Williams/Alex Hunter

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