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Dominating the market for great quality clothing since day one. Troy Lee Designs are one of the most fashionable and stylish brands out there with an athlete portfolio that boosts the brands high end appeal. But is their most recent Sprint short as race ready as they claim?

Technical Details

90% Polyester/10% Spandex® construction is both lightweight and durable

More durable stretch fabric across the quads and around the rear of the shorts provide additional abrasion resistance in the event of a crash

New side waist adjusters with Velcro inset into the body of the waist band allow for fit adjustments

Zipper flap over fly keeps mud and dirt out

Single TLD embossed low profile snap button that won’t get hung up on your jersey;

Rubber backing ensures jersey stays tucked-in

One zipper pocket

Shape and Fit

The Sprint short is made to be a race fit. A medium weight short designed to be breathable and robust whilst being as light weight as possible.

The TLD Sprint is certainly not a baggy short. The heavy duty zipper looks like it’ll stand the test of time, but it is placed alarmingly low in the crotch. Descend recommends the wearer checks that EVERYTHING is tucked in properly before zipping up to avoid an awkward re-enactment of the toilet scene in ‘There’s something about Mary” The crotch area doesn’t have a huge amount of room for anything but the crotch itself. If your not into that fitted look, or you want room to take your testicals with you on a ride then we’d strongly recommend getting a size up from the suggested size for your waist measurement.

There’s is a fair bit of adjustment on the waist band and the adjuster tabs themselves are well made and easy to use.


After testing these shorts with and without a chamois, it is clear that with the athletic fit, comes less room for a chamois. Opting to try these shorts without a chamois didn’t go down too well. This setup would work for a short ride but the abrasion resistant material isn’t so friendly on your skin on the longer rides. As already suggested, it will be best to opt for a size up and go for a chamois for those longer rides or at the very least, some thick underwear. These shorts definitely aren’t suitable for going commando.

Anything to make life a little easier is great, including pockets. These shorts offer the one pocket whereas the older design had two. The pocket is a little on the small side and only really suitable for a lift pass, a card and some cash. A small phone will just about fit but due to where the pocket is placed, it’s not going to be overly comfortable to pedal with.

It has to be said, these are the noisiest shorts I have ever worn. This is not an issue at all when riding but frustrating when you are walking around.


There is some inconvenience when it comes to washing. The label specifies a cold wash only. They do risk shrinking if you do anything too warm. We have tested the vibrant orange and the black short and found that after a few washes the colour does begin to fade. Because you can’t wash it on anything other than a cold wash, it makes it more difficult to remove heavy dirt stains which puts you in a bit of a catch 22 if you’ve got them stinking dirty.

Perhaps not a first pick for everyday riding but without a doubt, the Sprint is a well designed piece of race wear. Troy lees Sprint short caters for those hard core riders that expect to kiss the dirt every now and then. We can’t fault the robust, hard wearing materials used to make this product. Living up to their fans expectations of quality and style, Troy lee designs have produced yet another great looking peice of kit. Designed to be a race specific short, you can appreciate the fitted design and yes, they are a bit noisy but this isn’t something that will bother you when riding. After all, you don’t walk when you race, you ride!

PRICE - £90




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