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TroyLee Designs have to be one of the most sort after brands on the market. One of the market leaders in safety equipment, the well known D3 full face being one of the company's flagship products.

It is not just the helmets that get the attention to detail nailed. The knee guards are an item that TroyLee take pretty seriously too. These Raid knee pads seem set to pick up from where the classic T-bone pad left off. This being a pad that has been hard to replicate or improve on for some time now.

Technical Detail

  • D30® CE certified knee pad

  • "Fit-Lock" calf band to prevent slippage

  • Vented Neoprene construction for all-day comfort

  • Breathable mesh rear panel

  • Abrasion-resistant front panel

  • Inside/Outside leg padding placed in strategic areas provides impact protection while allowing pedal articulation at various saddle heights

  • Silicone gripper band on inside upper leg with adjustable Velcro strap outer for variety of leg sizes


The first thing that comes to mind with any item of clothing or protection is the look. This is an area that TroyLee Design are pretty well known for. The Raid knee guard is another product to add to their list of stylish equipment. Having clear decals and a striking red dash all on top of a jet black material....It just works.

As for protection, the Raid pad seems to be pretty well thought out. With inside and outside padding for the knee and surrounding areas that covers the most important bits whilst not restricting the shape of the pad itself. Having taken a few hard impacts wearing these, I can certainly vouch for them working. They also come up on top with the Rhys Sutton pad test. In other words, they stayed up when knee sliding across the living room floor.

A factor that is important when considering any enduro or DH knee pad is the comfort. Especially when sometimes they will be lodged under race pants or even jeans if you are cool. The pad needs to stay cool enough that you don’t get flustered and be comfy enough that you are happy with them on all day. It is a breath of fresh air when the claims that a company makes are actual fact. The combination of the vented back, neoprene construction and Abrasion-resistant front panel really have created a blissful wear. These have been my go to pad now since the day that I picked them up.

It is also worth mentioning that the TroyLee Raid pad may not be the cheapest option on the market but six months on they still feel and look like new.


For a full on enduro/downhill knee guard the comfort is impressive. This pad had been fitted first thing in the morning, ridden all day and then removed after the drive home whilst still being super comfy.

There are few pads out on the market today that can boast the amount of protection and comfort that is on offer here. As said they may not be the cheapest option but they do say that you get what you pay for. After years of searching for that 'one pad for everything' the TroyLee Designs Raid knee pad re takes the mantle after the old hero, the T-bone.



PRICE - £120


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