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Tektro brakes have been around far longer than I have been riding. The brand being well known for their cheaper stoppers that come bolted to lower end bikes. After adapting the name for the new race specific items, the TRP G-Spec Quadiem brakes were born. This setup has been around for some time now. With names such as Aaron Gwin running them for the past few race sessions, it was only fair that we put a set through its paces.

Technical Details


  • Four hybrid piston caliper (ceramic/steel)

  • CNC caliper with cooling fins

  • Tool free indexed reach adjust

  • Adjustable banjo fitting for optimal hose routing

  • Split hinge clamp handlebar clamp

  • I-Spec ll (XT and XTR only) and matchmaker compatible with TRP ISII to matchmaker adaptor


Let's start with the obvious thing, these brakes look the business. Having a solid look and feel to the lever and clean silver finish, it is clear that TRP have quality on their mind. When fitting the brake setup to the bike, the rear hose needed shortening and the cable routing internally. This was no bother at all with a little care and attention. TRP supply a barb and olive with the kit so that you can change the hose length and apply new fittings without having the need to get some in. If you take the time to make sure the lever looses no fluid when doing this like we did, there was not even a need to bleed the brake after fitting.

A real lack of plastic on show in the lever. The lever blade itself is a nicely presented alloy unit that you can even use two fingers on if the mood takes you.

Having the G-Spec Quadiem stoppers bolted to both downhill and trail bikes, it gave a good idea of the capability that this brake offers. The four piston caliper gave more than enough stopping power whilst keeping some modulation when you needed less of a bite. The lever bite point also stayed very consistent for the entire time they were fitted to the bike. Even after some serious descents, where many other competitors would have reduced in power or had a random bite point as the temperature changed, these didn't.

When looking into the weight, the G-Spec front setup comes in at 316 grams with the standard hose length. This weighs in 2 grams heavier than a SRAM Code RSC. There is nothing in it.


There were only a few things that could be mentioned here. One was the poor performance on the original pad that comes in the brake when the conditions changed from dry to wet. The brake then became noisy and lacked the good power that we were used to from this setup. There are plenty of pad options on the market and this is something that is easily remedied.

The other is that the discs supplied for the trail bike rusted up after just a few months. Now I do look after a bike as best as possible. They live in a heated spare bedroom at my house so this was not something that I expected to happen.


Some simple answers to a few simple questions. Firstly, would I buy a set of the TRP Quadiem anchors for my personal bike? The answer is yes. The do what they need to do and that is, they work. With a simple pad change and then opting for the floating rotors, they are a great class of brake. The second question is would I recommend these to someone? Once again it is a yes!

TRP have made this setup all that I would be after in a stopper. Clean, solid, with good lever feel and some nice modulation. You have to keep these in mind as an option when changing the brakes on your bike.


Price - £200

Words - Ieuan Williams

Photos - Alex Hunter

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