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Cannondale are back to main stream Downhill with a bang!

The new Cannondale downhill bike seems to be something a little bonkers at first look. This is all for a good reason. A twin damper system has been implemented to gain a better feel on the small bump while having plenty of hold for the big hits. It is something that Karpiel bikes did for that beast Josh Bender, sent off anything it could be pointed at. This time the twin damper system has been used for speed optimisation. This 29" carbon fibre race bike will be at the first round of the World Cup. It will be interesting to see what the return of the brand back to top end DH racing will bring.

The idea behind the twin shock system is to have far more tune-ability. Where all of the damping has to be carried out by one shock on most bikes this can carry two totally different tunes and then have a spring to give the progression and hold. It will be interesting to get on one of these bikes at some point to see how this works in a real world test.

The bike will be piloted by Matt Simmonds for Cannondale Factory racing. We are excited to see what he can do come the first round this weekend. Just take a look at the video, he is not hanging about that's for sure.

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