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Vee Tire have been around for over forty years. Producing tyres for bikes, motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks, ATVs and agricultural equipment. With the bike tyres being produced in two of their factory’s, pushing out on averge 50,000 units per day. These are not all high performance enduro/DH tyres mind. The Factory tyre program has been introduced to develop the technology and performance. The Propain Factory Racing team are behind this program, testing the rubber to its limits. This Snap tyre is one of the new batch of tyres from the company.

Product Details

The Vee Tire Snap is available in both 27.5" and 29". Here are some details on the one we were supplied with...

  • Vee Tire Snap WCE

  • 29”x 2.35”

  • Weight 1356g

  • Folding bead

  • Tubeless ready


There are so many options when it comes to tyres now. Most may be drawn to the likes of Maxxis and Schwalbe, and they are a good choice. Why be a sheep though? There are brands out there that are pushing the boundaries in technology and compounds. This Vee Tire Snap is one of them. After riding the Flow Snap last year, it was clear to see that this is a company to keep in mind when taking the leap into some new tread.

Onto the new tyre that was sent over. The Snap is designed to be a front tyre. We tested it on both the front and the rear and found that it worked well on both setups. This is no lightweight trail tyre, it is built for a purpose. That purpose is to withstand a beating and prevent punctures, whilst keeping a good shape and feel with an appropriate pressure applied. After swapping to this setup in Madeira, there was not a single puncture or problem from the wheel it was fitted to. Take it from me, it is rough, rocky and super fast out there so this was no small feat.

The compounds that have been used in this tyre work great. There is a more dense, firmer inner tread that aids the rolling ability. Having a meaty tyre like this, it is great to be able to reduce the possible drag. This means that the tyre rolls efficiently. It keeps the impressive grip that you would expect by having super sticky and softer tread on the outer sides. When you are banking the bike into a corner, it comes into its own.

When looking at the tyre before giving it a good test ride, it was clear that the compound was nice and soft. The grip on offer certainly came hand in hand with that. You may think that this will jeopardise the feel, give a lack of hold and precision with the soft playable tread. This could not be further from the truth. There was never a moment when the bike broke away nor did it feel washy when ridden with aggression.

Longevity wise the Vee Tire Snap lasted pretty well. It would be easily comparable to a Magic Mary, there is no issue with it. The edges are nicely worn now after a few months of use, so it would be time for a replacement. It has lasted a week in Madeira in the rear of the Ripmo. It then had 6 weeks of use up front back home in the UK, being ridden twice weekly. There is still plenty of life left in it, but now the edges are gone it would be changed to the rear and some fresh rubber popped in the front.


It is always nice to be supplied something that works as well as a company says it will. The Vee Tire Snap does just that. Combine this with a Flow Snap on the rear or even run it as a pair of fronts if the weather is rough. The options are most definitely there. These are the tyres that will be mounted to our race bike for the Enduro2 this September. With the reliability matched up to a great performance, it is an obvious choice.


Price - £54.99

Words - Ieuan Williams

Photos - Alex Hunter

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